Done Send SMS from command line

I found this freeware CLI program, which allows the sending of text messages (SMS) from the command line via my usb-connected cell phone. Example;
SendSms64.exe /d "SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem" /p "9876" /to "1234567890" /sms "Test" /log-file "C:\\Users\\jlc\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\SendSmsGui.log"

The downside of this program is that, with each text message sent, a "watermark" is included with each text message (Sent through ActiveXperts SendSms)

I realize that TCC has the SMPP command, but unless you know the name of the company's SMS server, not a solution.

I also realize that TCC has the SENDMAIL command, and that text messages can be sent thus;
sendmail /SSL=2 /V "%msg"

As Yahoo and GMail have locked their mail servers down, using the SENDMAIL command is considered "an app that may put your account at risk". Yes, I *could* change a setting in my email, thereby "allowing access to less secure apps", such as SENDMAIL in TCC, but, this may leave my email vulnerable.

Therefore, I would like to suggest adding to TCC the ability to send text messages from the command line via a usb-connected cell phone.

Apr 17, 2009
Wildomar, CA
One thing you might want to consider is getting a single-application password in GMail, specific to TCMD or TCC. Then go into Options in TCMD, select TCC Options, and go into the Internet tab. Under the SMTP settings, put in the configuration for your GMail account, and give it the specific password generated by Google for TCMD to send through your GMail account.

I use this method to configure a special password for my GMail account specific to Microsoft Outlook 2016, and it works quite well. I generate separate passwords for each application that accesses my GMail system, such as if I am experimenting with a new Android or Windows app, and then if I decide not to continue using that program I delete the special password being used for that app. I also frequently change passwords for my Google account AND change the passwords for my specific applications.

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they still aren't out to get you! :)
Well, a single-application password in GMail was new to me.

After navigating several screens, I now have TCC setup with its own password for use with GMail.


Thankyou very much for this!

Just updating this thread for my future reference.

I changed my GMail password yesterday.

To help protect your account, we revoke your App Passwords when you change your Google Account password. To continue to use an app with your Google Account, create a new App Password.

...which explains why SendMail would error out when I used it.

Creating a new App Password, and updating TCMD.INI via the dialog, has things working again.