Send SMS from command line

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I found this freeware CLI program, which allows the sending of text messages (SMS) from the command line via my usb-connected cell phone. Example;
SendSms64.exe /d "SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem" /p "9876" /to "1234567890" /sms "Test" /log-file "C:\\Users\\jlc\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\SendSmsGui.log"
The downside of this program is that, with each text message sent, a "watermark" is included with each text message (Sent through ActiveXperts SendSms)

I realize that TCC has the SMPP command, but unless you know the name of the company's SMS server, not a solution.

I also realize that TCC has the SENDMAIL command, and that text messages can be sent thus;
sendmail /SSL=2 /V [email protected] "%msg"
As Yahoo and GMail have locked their mail servers down, using the SENDMAIL command is considered "an app that may put your account at risk". Yes, I *could* change a setting in my email, thereby "allowing access to less secure apps", such as SENDMAIL in TCC, but, this may leave my email vulnerable.

Therefore, I would like to suggest adding to TCC the ability to send text messages from the command line via a usb-connected cell phone.