How to? Set default application in a special folder

Jul 17, 2020
I want to make some image files in photo folder opened by acdsee, and some images in process folder opened by Photoshop
For example
set E:\photo\**\*.jpg=acdsee
set E:\process\**\*.jpg=photoshop

This doesn't work, just a idea. Is there a way to do such thing? I tried Cd_enter alias, but still didn't know how to write the correct batch command.

BTW, how to write clipmonitor command? Clipmonitor forever echo clipboard changed, this command didn't work at all.
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
BTW, is there a way to specify ShellExec's lpVerb when starting documents from TCC?
I don't think TCC alone can do this. You can do it with the help of Powershell (PSHELL); see recent threads.

My SYSUTILS plugin has:

v:\> shellex /?
SHELLEX /L - list folder names for use with "shell:"
             or implement ShellExecuteEx as below

SHELLEX [/C] [/V verb] [<file>] [<arguments> [<directory>]]

  /C          use context menu

  /V verb     "print", "edit", "explore" et c.
              (with /C) "properties", "preview", et c.  Without "/V verb",
              the default verb is used if available, else "open" is used.

  /D          (debug) show parameter parsing without executing

  <file> defaults to "shell:MyComputerFolder" and may specify
         a file, directory, drive, or URL

  <arguments> and <directory> apply to launching executables

  Quote parameters containing whitespace; escape necessary quotes as \"
Aug 23, 2010
BTW, "open" is a default verb, if none specified in registry.
So you can just pass NULL as lpVerb if none given.
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