Set scrolling region in Windows Terminal

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
If you want to feel like you're using an antique piece of hardware, try this in Windows Terminal.

echos ^e[2J^e[3J^e[2;%@dec[%_rows]r^e[1;1HBanner goes here^e[%_rows;1HStatus line goes here^e[1;1H

After clearing the screen it sets the scrolling region to rows 2 through (%_rows-1) and prints a "banner" message in row 1 and a "status" message in row %_rows. The banner and status rows stay fixed and TCC continues using the new scrolling region. Scrolling back no longer works.

Get back to normal with

echos ^e[1;%[_rows]r

I've used a real terminal once or twice in the distant past but I have no further recollection of it. This does, however, remind me of kermit on Linux in the '90s.