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How to? Set the timestamp of ZIP command built archive to match latest member

PKZIP and many other archiving programs allow setting the timestamp of the archive file to match that of the latest modified file it contains. How do I do that using the internal ZIP command?
When building a new archive from scratch, I can emulate the missing option using the SIFT plugin to locate the newest file (before it is potentially moved into the archive), and using TOUCH /R to copy its time to the archive once its built, or - if moved into the archive - use its timestamp as saved by SIFT for TOUCH. Alternately, I can use UNZIP to list the member filestamps, and use the latest with TOUCH. In either event, it is cumbersome.

The primary purpose of this operation is to know whether or not the archive content is newer than another version, potentially conserving downloading or at least expansion time. Yes, I can emulate it, and did in a batch file I just wrote. But it adds unnecessary steps to archiving that make the internal command much less useful.

If I had votes left, I would use FEEDBACK to make it a suggestion.
If I had votes left, I would use FEEDBACK to make it a suggestion.

If I had infinite time and infinite resources, I could implement every user suggestion, no matter how little they actually cared about it. :inpain:

But in this reality, I depend on users to tell me what features they would actually use. My spending a few hours developing a feature that only one user cares about -- and which they can implement themselves in 5 minutes -- doesn't seem especially sensible.
Cannot do - I am VIEWING, not composing. How do I disable XenForo from changing code or data text into irrelevant graphics? There is no "viewing options" to do it!

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