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Oct 18, 2008
Hello -- I have tcc in my startup folder, so when I power up my computer, tcc starts --

I noticed that when tcc starts up and runs tcstart.* there was a pause in the output of the script
in the tcstart

I have the command

set /v <var>=<value>

in tcstart to set a global value while I am logged in

now I know the the "/v" options writes the info the the registry -- an had some guest that this could be
the bottle neck, so I then added

timer /1 on set /v <var>=<value>
timer /1 off

and depending on which computer I am using it seems that this command is taking anywhere form
10 to 50 seconds -- could this be that at start up other processes are competing for the

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I doubt it's competition for the registry. Windows should be able to handle that well. More likely is that the HKCU hive isn't available yet. And I reckon that's still very, very unlikely. Without access to HKCU, nothing in the StartUp folder would work very well. I have TCC20 run a login script via the StartUp folder. I put such a command in the login script and got this.
timer set /v foo=bar
Timer 1 on: 17:01:32
Timer 1 off: 17:01:32  Elapsed: 0:00:00.05
Oct 18, 2008
Hello -- thanks for the reply -- I too had the same command syntax and my output was --

Timer 1 off: 20:23:27 Elapsed: 0:00:45.49
Timer 1 off: 20:23:27 Elapsed: 0:00:00.00

I guess its my hardware -- it a tad old (:
Aug 3, 2016
Hello -- thanks for the reply -- I too had the same command syntax and my output was --

Timer 1 off: 20:23:27 Elapsed: 0:00:45.49
Timer 1 off: 20:23:27 Elapsed: 0:00:00.00

I guess its my hardware -- it a tad old (:

That's a bit strange result: there are only timers that are stopping. No "Timer 1 on"

If you replace your commands:
timer /1 on set /v <var>=<value>
timer /1 off

by this:
timer /3 set /v <var>=<value>

What is the result of the elapsed time of Timer 3?
(Using Timer /3 eliminates interference with other possible timer /1 instances you might have running already)

Other things you could test to narrow things down (what timer results do you get in the first 3 cases?):

- Exclude TCC from your startup and start TCC by hand 2 minutes after you logged on.
- Edit the TCC command in your startup and make it <path\to\tcc.exe /i.
(TCC.exe /i will skip loading aliasses, plugins, INI file, etcetera. It is the most minimal TCC )
- Or just rename your TCSTART so that TCC will not find it and can't use it.
- Post your TCSTART here.

P.S. What version of Take Command? What version of Windows?
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