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Done Setlocal/Endlocal enhancements

Add ini setting/directive to restore Setlocal/Endlocal to pre-V21 functionality. This setting would allow the use of setlocal without disabling current global/local aliases and functions during alias & function execution, independent of the alias local or global setting.

The default would be ON, for those who requested this V21 change, and OFF would be available for people like myself who use the functionality pre-V21. This would allow new & existing aliases to be used within other aliases independent of the setlocal and local/global states.

Also would be great if an automatic endlocal applied to aliases/functions like that which occurs with batch files. This would remove the need to have several endlocal's in an alias which has multiple exits (quit) or for some reason terminates prematurely.

Even without the above; additional help file explanations and examples of how this new behavior is used are needed.