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Setting Tabs=Bottom makes text turn black

This started happening after I updated to Take Command 25 (from version 23).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Start TCMD with empty TCMD.ini file, which looks like this:


2. Click Options and "Take Command".
3. Open the "Tabs" tab and activate "Tab location: Bottom".
4. After pressing OK, all the text in the window turns black:


5. Pressing enter makes the window look like this:


6. Opening a new tab and switching back to the first tab makes all the text turn black again.
I installed v24, and it does not happen there. And now it does not happen for v25 anymore, either. Very strange!

I have been running ColorTool as discussed in this thread after I last observed the issue, not sure if that is why it does not happen anymore.
Ok, so it still happens. But only when I use an external monitor (which is connected to my Boot Camp laptop using the Mini DisplayPort). It does not happen for v24 with the same setup.
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