SFTP Password Problem

Dec 2, 2008

The documentation for SFTP says:

You can also specify an explicit username and password on the command line:


If you specify a password of *, you will be prompted to enter the password (which will appear on the screen as asterisks).

But using "username:*" doesn't work, while "username: password" does. When I type in the password and hit return I just get another prompt for the password.

I am using TCC 13.04.63


IFTP /P /V sftp://[username:*@]ftp.abc.com/

This seems to work, but


does not work.


Staff member
May 14, 2008
But using "username:*" doesn't work, while "username: password" does. When I type in the password and hit return I just get another prompt for the password.

It does work, but it depends on what you're doing. Something like a MD / RD / DEL / REN will work, because those are single operations. Something like a DIR requires calling the SFTP connection routine for more than a dozen logon / logoffs (more if you use /S), and the SFTP routine doesn't know when it's safe to reuse the password.

An IFTP saves the password for the initial connection, so it never needs to ask again because the connection isn't closed until a /C. (And IFTP is far, far, faster than trying to do something like a "dir sftp://...".)
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