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How to? Shell Window remains open

I use TCC 14.02.42 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]

I use Thinkvantage Access Connections (TAC), a nice and handy tool from Lenovo to do some automation when switching the network (e.g. from home to office etc).

TAC can call a batch file when switching connections, but only a bat, not a btm. and it invokes it via CMD.EXE.And it cannot handle Parameters. Stupid, but ok.

So I call tac-test.bat with following content:

"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD14x64\tcc.exe" C:\Util\tac-test.btm

tac-test.btm has following content:

START "Firefox" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

There is one issue, and I think this is a new issue - I can't remember to have it seen half a year ago.

The problem is, that the tac-test.bat will not close on exit. Instead, it waits until I close Firefox. This is 100% reproducable for me. Interestingly, the icon in task bar of the bat changes.

I see the following output

"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD14x64\tcc.exe" C:\Util\tac-test.btm

TCC 14.02.42 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright 2012 JP Software Inc. All Rights Reserved
Registered to ***MASKED******* - 1 System License

START "Firefox" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
ACR (Component): component init
FoxyProxy Plus settingsDir: C:\Users\MASKED\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\MASKED.default\foxyproxy.xml
>>> END

It seems to me like if firefox uses this window for some kind of output and prohibits the closing. This seems to be done by the START? How could I enforce the window to close?
Because recent versions of Firefox grab onto the console and won't let go. You'll see similar issues launching Firefox from CMD.EXE.

You might be able to give Firefox its very own console with something like this:
start /inv /pgm "%_cmdspec" /c firefox.exe

But if they don't get it sorted soon, I'm starting to think that the correct solution might be to ditch Firefox for Chrome or Opera or whatever. (Even recent versions of Internet Explorer seem more stable -- a sign of the apocalypse?)
That sounds valid - this means the change was not in TCC, but rather on Firefox side.

I'll test with your START idea and come back.
I just execute FIREFOX.LNK from a line in my TCC batch file, and never have the TCC instance remain alive solely because Firefox is still running. WinXP SP3 with all updates, Firefox 16.0.2. BTW, that batch file also loads SHRALIAS.EXE and populates the four TCC global tables (alias, directory history, function, history) as part of my user log-in, then terminates.
I don't know what the difference is, but I've seen none of these console-Firefox problems on Windows 7 x64 SP1.

I've always used START in a simple alias to call Firefox from the command line, as far back as XP:

start /pgm firefox​

When I enter the name of an HTML file on the command line, though, Firefox is called directly and I'm immediately returned to the command prompt. As expected, Firefox and the console run independently.

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