How to? shortcuts and batch files

Oct 18, 2008
As it turns out, after I installed take command, I probably ran the btm file tccbatch.btm or tcmdbatch.btm and probably replied “yes” to have take/tcc execute *.bat, *.cmd and *.btm files. I don’t know if it is “best practice” when creating a “shortcut” (file) to specify as the “target” a “bat” file or precede the bat file with cmd.exe /c

As it turns out the shortcut that the (new) google drive creates does just that, and take/tcc seems to have an issue executing that batch file.

Is there a way to revert the value of “batfile” (and cmdfile) (via ftype command) to the default value before tccbatch.btm or tcmdbatch.btm executed? Thanks
The tccbatch.btm file that is distributed with TCC/TakeCommand has the option to make CMD the default handler of BAT and CMD files.
If your run tccbatch /U it will ask if you want to do that.
thanks for your reply --- I must have an old version of tccbatch --- is a current version available to download?
What version are you running? These commands will restore defaults:
ftype batfile="c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" /c "%%1" %%*
ftype cmdfile="c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" /c "%%1" %%*
thanks for the info --- I am running the free tccle -- I thjink the last version was 14 and tcmd v19

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