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show hidden files and folders not working ...

[RESOLVED] show hidden files and folders not working ...

I am using windows Vista in administrator user mode.

A folder and file created by a program is hidden and not seen by TC 9 or CascadePoint or Windows Explorer or Total Commander etc.

I know that the hidden folder/file is there since the program which created the folder and file opens it every time. I just can't archive hidden files with CascadePoint since I get "file not found".

I have ticked control panel > folder options > view > "show hidden files and folders" .. so I am puzzled why the folder/file still can't be seen by utilities.

What TC command to use to force view of all hidden folders/files?



This clip I found explains virtualization in Vista .. and why created files can't be seen in Vista ..

File and Registry virtualization

File and registry virtualization is part of the User Account Control mechanism build into Windows Vista. The mechanism handles writes to specific folders and registry keys where a standard user only has read access (Per default non-admin application started on a Windows Vista is started as standard user to protect the operating system)

If an application (started as a standard user) tries to write a file to a folder in e.g. “c:\Program Files” the file is redirected to c:\users\%username%\Appdata\Local\VirtualStore\Program files. The file virtualization in Windows Vista is transparent to the application. When the application tries to open the file later on the file will be read from the redirected path.