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Simply put, Help! (I can't figure out what's going on here.)

As I often do, a dump of two commands and their results:
[Z:\]TestRemoveDuplicateLinesParameters.btm  |& Tee CON: !>>&TestRemoveDuplicateLinesParameters.txt
RemoveDuplicateLines 1abc0-2abc9

Start Column: 1
  Type: Range
  End Column: 2
  Length: 2
Error: No valid start-of-range column specified in range specification "1abc0-2abc9"
Error: Unexpected character(s) "abc0-2abc9" found ether in or after start of range
Error: Unexpected character(s) "abc9" found ether in or after end column.
Program is ending due to error(s)

RemoveDuplicateLines /Invalid

Error: Unknown keyword parameter "/Invalid".
Program is ending due to error(s)

[Z:\]fd TestRemoveDuplicateLinesParametersII.txt
 1/07/2014  9:58  0  TestRemoveDuplicateLinesParametersII.txt
Obviously, the output file doesn't contain what should be in it.

By the way, "fd" is an alias that I wrote that is simply:
*Dir /A-D /H /K /M
Sorry, but I can't even make wild guesses - there is no code to review. All messages appear to come from the program you are executing, not from TCC. I presume you used the TEE command so that both standard output AND standard error go to two destinations: console and the file TestRemoveDuplicateLinesParameters.txt. BTW, once you merged them in the pipe, they are just standard output. After you recorded them in that file, you displayed the size of a different file - you modified the name by adding roman numeral 2 (II) to the name. Those extra long file names are too long to handle reasonably, that's why people use abbreviations... Only copy and paste can make sure no mistyping! I suspect that is your frustration... but I don't know.
Guys, there's nothing there beyond what you see above, a rather ordinary batch file (sample code below) that executes a completely straightforward program (written in C++ if that makes any difference) that does no I/O of any kind whatsoever other than to "decode" a parameter passed in and send the result(s) of that decoding to either standard error or standard output depending upon whether the parameter is correct or not.
@Echo Off
RemoveDuplicateLines /I:Force.An.Error 10-20
RemoveDuplicateLines /I:Force.An.Error 10  -20
RemoveDuplicateLines /I:Force.An.Error 10-  20
RemoveDuplicateLines /I:Force.An.Error 10  -  20
... (many more lines of a similar nature)...
I will note that this used to work, its failure was very sudden (but complete).
Excuse me, guys, but I sent the output to the wrong (not as intended) file, and Steve identified that fact. (This is just a statement of the facts; I am not looking for sympathy: Unfortunately I am half-blind and rather stupid because of brain damage the occurred to me several years ago which is the major reason that I no longer visit this board on a regular basis. I think the final results of these postings, and pretty much everything else that I now write, is clear and understandable without mistakes. What is not obvious is just how long it takes me to get them that way; even my typing now sucks as the saying goes.)
Did you notice that in the sample in the original post the file written by piping / rediretcion is NOT the same as tested with the fd alias? Of course, it may be an error in the report, not the original...
Guys, Steve correctly identified the problem: I was sending the output of the batch file to the wrong file. Thank you. (I am not looking for sympathy here, just stating the facts: Unfortunately I am now half-blind and rather stupid because of brain damage that occurred to me several years ago, the main reason I no longer frequent this board on a regular basis. I think the final results or what I write have at least mostly correct spelling and grammar and that they make sense in making the point that I am trying make. What is not obvious from reading them is just how long it took me to get them that way; even my typing now sucks. In fact, this is the second time I am entering this, somehow I (stupidly!) deleted my first attempt at composing and actually posting this reply.) (And yet another example of just what I am talking about; Steve sent me a reply while I was typing my previous reply so I thought my previous reply had been lost when I didn't see it at the bottom of the thread and was now reposting it.)

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