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Skip junctions with FOR /nj not working

TCC LE 13.05.68 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
I'm trying to recurse through a directory tree using "for /nj /r" and exclude junctions.
From the documentation the /nj switch should work in TCC/LE. However, junctions continue to get explored with or without the switch.

11/03/2012  11:11        <DIR>    .
11/03/2012  11:11        <DIR>    ..
10/31/2012  17:00        <DIR>    1
8/03/2012  14:14        <DIR>    2
10/31/2012  17:01        <DIR>    3
8/17/2012  11:56    <JUNCTION>    junk [d:\Temp\test]
8/03/2012  14:17              20  1.txt
8/04/2012  19:28              18  2.txt
[C:\Temp\test]for /nj /r %a in (*) do echo "%a"

As you can see "junk" is a junction to a folder with two files, 4.txt and 5.txt, but they shouldn't be processed. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right or if there is a limitation I'm not aware of.

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