Slow CDD

When I perform a CDD to a network computer, it takes several seconds;

c>timer on %+ cdd  \\compaqxp1g\utils %+ timer off
Timer 1 on: 13:38:26
Timer 1 off: 13:38:47  Elapsed: 0:00:21.82
If I do a DIR or COPY of the said network computer, the response is immediate.

I'm using;

TCC  10.00.76   Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
TCC Build 76   Windows XP Build 2600  Service Pack 3
I was thinking it might be a Windows XP thing, but changing to another computer/directory via explorer is immediate.

If I map \\compaqxp1g\utils to a drive, for example, U:, the response is immediate in changing to the directory.

What do I need to tweak on my system in order to speed up the CDD command when changing to a folder on another system?

Thanks from Joe
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