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Slow deletes

I have a BTM that runs on PC shutdown. It copies various folder to a folder on a 3TB backup HD.
The upper folder name is based on the day of the week. For example Saturday would be MYDATA_DAY7

I use IFF ISDIR to check for the folder. If it is there I run DEL /QSXZY X:\MYDATA_DAY7

This has worked for years. The last few days the DEL command never finishes. If I look at disk activity in Resource Manager there is no activity on the drive.

The drive is 3TB and has 2.5TB available.

I used another program, ZTree, to try to delete the 12,000 odd files. It took over 2 hours without using the Recycle Bin.

This is not a TCC problem, just looking for ideas as to what is happening.

Running Windows 7 Pro 64 up to date.

The shorter lines are the delete of the directory, longer are the files in the directory.

It is almost like a secure delete is being done.
I fixed the problem by putting a TASKKILL command to terminate the program at the top of the batch file. But it took a second or two to die. The MB forum supplied some insight. The ransom ware checking function appears to have problems. They gave me the name of the driver and I kill that instead. Much faster. They also said they are working on the problem.

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