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Declined Smarter LoadMedia

I would like loadmedia to be make more clever, or there to be smarter replacement utility.

You would would be able to say:
1. I want a blank CD
2. I want a blank DVD
3. I want a non-blank CD
4. I want a non-blank DVD
5. I want a cd/dvd with volser XXX
6. I want no disc in the drive.
7. I want a CD/DVD containing file XXX

It prompts the user until she provides what is requested, opening and closing the door as needed, finally leaving it closed. If the required disc is in place with door closed or open, it does not need to pester the operator.

You might call it "ENSUREMEDIA"

Utilities like Cdrtools just abort if a blank to their liking is not in place with the door closed.