Some changes to the VC9 plugins

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I made some changes to the VC9 plugins (\4plugins\vc9\*.zip).

In SYSUTILS, PROCTIME and @PROCTIME have been changed to PSTAT and @PSTAT. Both now accept the format elements W (working set), V (virtual memory), and P (priority class ... PID changed to "I"). So I got rid of MEMU, @PID, @MODULE, @PRIORITY. PSTAT also now accepts "*" for itsprocess-string (and will give info on all processes). I added _NPIDS (number of processes) and _PIDS (space-separated list of PIDs) and got rid of _PIDLIST from whatever plugin it was in. PSTAT (with "*") and _PIDS both sort by PID.

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