Some ideas related to TCC instances (limit, enumerate etc)


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May 14, 2008
Some ideas related to TCC instances (limit, enumerate etc)

If you write some bugs (I do it often) so that TCC instances are started recursively, then in the end the system will "halt" due to lack of memory/CPU.

Of course, TCSTART/TCEXIT could be used to track this, but a more secure way would be to specify:

1. MaxInstanceCount=xx as an option would be nice.

2. Related to this an %_INSTANCECOUNT variable would also be relevant.

3. Parameter to give a name to an instance as: tcc.exe /I InstanceName

4. Returning %_INSTANCEIDS as a list 0 1 3 5 (instance 2/4 - already exit)

5. Returning %_INSTANCENAMES as a list of named instances

6. ACTIVATE INSTANCE InstanceId | InstanceName

7. PRIORITY InstanceId | InstanceName

8. %INSTANCEPID[id|name]

9. TASKEND id | name

10. TASKLIST /I - include instance information id/name

Stein Oiestad on January 29, 2013 07:21

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