specific functions for number conversion

May 20, 2009
I do not know if this must be considered an addition for the wish list, or if the feature is already available and I did not see it.
I would like to see some functions such as %@hex, and so on, to convert numbers. I saw that there is the generic %@convert, but I believe that some more specific ones might be better.
I know that I can write an alias, but for example I would have to know in advance in which base the number is written. For example, I would like to be able to use a function such as %@ToBinary[48] and %@ToBinary[0xF2].
Also, when I convert a number, for example to binary, I would like to be able to see additional left padding zeros.
Is it possible?

Thank You very much again and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti
May 20, 2009
Thank You very much! Your examples work and I am experimenting with them.

Thank You again and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti
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