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START command on 4NT

I'm unsure if this is the appropriate place for this thread, especially as I'm using TCC's ancestor 4NT, but it's something that was only recently made aware of but now am really puzzling over how I can resolve it.

When I open a 4NT window for the first time, via the Start Menu/shortcut it opens a 4NT window with a free scrolling bar, allowing me to scroll up and down to my heart's content.

However when I use the START command it opens a 4DOS/NT Prompt with a fixed scroll bar, which only allows me to scroll up a limited amount. I've looked over the START help options but I can't find anything which would affect the ability to scroll up as far as I want.

I apologise in advance if this isn't the appropriate place for this kind of thread/for 4NT queries.


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The settings of the window layout (like size, colours, font) are stored in different places for these two variants.
In case of the 4NT_Window they are stored with the shortcut you used to start it.
In the second case, 4NT_Prompt, they are stored elsewhere (in the registry).

You can watch these settings if you press Alt-Space (or click on the icon on the utmost left side of the titlebar) and click "Properties" (or similar; depending of the OS's language).
Change the relevant settings (especially the Screen Buffer Size) in 4NT_Prompt according to the ones in 4NT_Window.

You might also want to make these settings in 4NT_Prompt under Alt-Space > Defaults. This requires exiting the program and restarting it to become activated.
As Maarten pointed out, they are settings of the underlying console window. I'd recommend changing the defaults so your changes apply to any console mode application (like CMD).

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