START /? is incomplete

Feb 12, 2019
BTW I noticed "START /?" in v26 doesn't list all options e.g. START.../TAB /WAIT... on the first line but no /TABNA, and neither /TAB or /TABNA is mentioned in the list in successive lines

- Howard
If you want to expand on the /? help for start, you could create a library function thus;
Start {
@echo off
@echo off
iff %1 eq /? then
Start a program in another session or window.

FS /HIGH /I /INV /JOB=name /K /L /LA /LD /LF /LH /LOW /MAX /MIN /NORMAL /PGM progname /POS=col,row,width,height /REALTIME /RU
NAS user password /SIZE=rows,cols /TAB /WAIT /WIN] [command ]
        /ABOVENORMAL (priority)         /LF (local function list)
        /AFFINITY (processor)           /LH (local history list)
        /B (no new console)             /LOW (priority)
        /BELOWNORMAL (priority)         /MAX(imized)
        /C(lose when done)              /MIN(imized)
        /D (startup directory)          /NORMAL (priority)
        /ELEVATED                       /PGM (program name)
        /FS (fullscreen)                /POS(ition of window)
        /HIGH (priority)                /REALTIME priority
        /I(nherit startup environment)  /RUNAS user
        /K(eep when done)
        /L(ocal lists)                  /SIZE (of screen buffer)
        /LA (local aliases)             /WAIT (for session to finish)
        /LD (local dir history)         /WIN(dowed console)
  library /d start
  *start %$
  library /r "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD26\library\tcchelp.library"

Code not thoroughly tested, may need some tweaks.

You can now modify the command line help for Start to whatever you desire.

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