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How to? Start the version of Take Command that I want...

I've got two versions of Take Command on on this computer, a newer version and an older version, and somehow the older version is being started somewhere in my start-up sequence. Where is this coming from? I don't find it looking in my start-up folder(s), nor do I find it in the registry using regedit. But it obviously it must be in one or the other place. I will note that my partial blindness and bad memory are factors here.
Perhaps there's a pointer somewhere to a BTM or BAT file (that's associated with that version of Take Command) rather than to the executable?
Vince, even though I have a scheduled task (that runs the PSSYnc program from SysInternals to flush the caches in memory of all of my drives to the physical hard disks every 30 minutes to minimize the amount of work lost when the system crashes) that is not the case here. More than likely, I think, it's some registry key that is being used to start the program on log on because I've looked and it doesn't seem to be in either my user's "Start Menu\Programs\Startup" folder nor the "All Users\Program\Startup" folder (which doesn't even exist) and I'd like to know what registry key that is since I'm not finding it using RegEdit and searching.
And I'm rather (not totally mind you) sure that it's not being run in a batch file, particularly since either TCC or CMD.sys would have to be running to run that batch file.
Registry keys:



And on 64-bit Windows (for 32-bit stuff):


There may also be this, but I don't have one:

Thank you TEA-Time ; -> ) > It was, in fact, at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. I didn't find it when I looked there myself before posting this thread, I didn't find it the first time I looked there, but I looked again and there it was! (My partial blindness really is a somewhat limiting factor.)

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