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WAD starting tcmd.exe with dir that has Boost C++ Libraries zip file delays


today i noticed that if i start tcmd.exe from a dir that contains Boost C++ Libraries zip file " boost_1_49_0.zip" tcmd window does not show immediately. I started Procmon.exe and found that it is trying to read it.

Question or Bug: if tcmd has a feature to read current dir zip files for autocomplete later than how can disable it? if this is a bug i hope it is considered for next fix update.

i installed ver. 13.04.57 with this defect.

WAD -- it doesn't have anything to do with autocompletion, or for that matter with Take Command.

Take Command (or more precisely the Windows shell) is reading the zip files so that it can display the contents in the Folders and List View windows. The reason it's happening is because you configured Windows (in your Explorer options) to display ZIP files as directories. If you don't want that, turn it off in Explorer.

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