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Strange mouse behavior with list

When using LIST to view a text file in a console window, the mouse cursor moves only slowly in a jerking manner. It's very difficult to get the mouse cursor to go to it's intended target. The entire screen is effected, not just the console window. As soon as I exit LIST, the problem goes away.

The problem was in build 21.0.17 and continues in build 20.

The problem doesn't occur in a TC tabbed window; only in a TCC console window, and only occurs when I'm using LIST.

In TCC 20.11.40 LIST works perfectly.
LIST hasn't changed in v21; it's exactly the same as v20. And it always will be, because LIST is deprecated in favor of VIEW (and has been for several years).

What you've probably done is enable mousewheel support for LIST, which is intended for tab windows. And is also deprecated.
I did indeed have mouse wheel support checked in the options. Strange that it causes no problems in version 20, but causes a serious problem in 21. Thanks.

I use both view and list, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. View is useful when I want the keep a text file open in a separate window while working at a TCC prompt, but I can briefly view a text file in list without moving my eyes from the console window. In addition, I've become spoiled by QuickEdit mode in the console window. Cut and paste with QuickEdit is so convenient that it's hard to give up.
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