Done Suggestion for full osbuild internal variable

Jan 12, 2014
Switzerland, SO
We have "now" a ver command which displays the full osbuild variable, like:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18363.628]

We have already the internal _osbuild variable which displays the major osbuild variable:
echo %_osbuild

It would be sensefully to have also a internal variable which display the minor part of the variable too, like:
echo %_osbuildminor

And last but not least also a internal variable to display the full osbuild, like:
echo %_osbuildfull
I hate the proliferation of "features" just for the sake of being able to spare a few letters.

Why not have %_osbuild display the full build info, and you can easily parse all else from that (using @%left, @right, or any other of those immensely useful string parsing parameters)?
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