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Done Support for IPv6 (ping function)

It seems, to my big surprise, that the ping function does not support IPv6 addresses.

More than 10 years ago, ISPs started yelling about IPv4 exhaustion, but still we find software not capable of understanding IPv6 addresses.

Ernst Mikkelsen
TCC uses N software's IPWorks for most (all?) IP stuff. I read (from 2007)
Yes, the latest version of IPWorks supports IPv6 without any work on the part of the component user.
So maybe such support might not be too far in the future.

OTOH, I looked at a few of my IP plugins and determined that, at least with my ancient VisualStudio 2010, updating them to use IPV6 would be hard in some cases, and in othe cases, perhaps impossible.
I don't know whether this would be of use to you or not: APing
Thank you very much for that hint, Charles. I've just tried APing, and with some rewriting of my script I might be able to use it.
If I fail to make it work, at least you reminded me of the plugin feature in TCC, so maybe I'll just write my own ping6 plugin :smile:
I think that's probably the smart approach.

Oh, FYI, I ran this on my Windows 10 machine, which is my normal mode. I do sometimes need to run this on a Windows 2012R2 server (network security thing) and when the APING plugin tries to load, I get this error:
APing plugin: Unable to open MIDI handle!

I didn't see any way around that unfortunately.

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