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WAD SYNC command problem




I download TCC 13 and tried to use SYNC command for backup.

I found, that if copy was interrupted in the middle (just kill tcc.exe in Task Manager) destination file remain with modification time set to "now" and next run of SYNC begins copying from destination to source destroying original file. I tried /J switch, but it didn't help.

Actually the same applies to COPY command (but wouldn't destroy original file, just skip copy).

System is Win7/32 SP1.

Not sure *why* you would do that, but ...

It's a Windows problem. SYNC (and COPY) use the Windows CopyFileEx API, and TCC doesn't have any control over what happens when you interrupt it (or any knowledge of exactly when it was interrupted).

It might be possible in TCC to detect that it was interrupted, and then unilaterally delete the last target file, though I don't know that it would be an improvement.
Not sure *why* you would do that
I wanted test the case of failure in process of backup, for instance electricity interrupt or BSOD in Windows.

It might be possible in TCC to detect that it was interrupted
I guessed /J option serves for this purpose - "The copy progress is tracked in the destination file in case the copy fails. The copy can be restarted by specifying the same source and destination file names." What is exactly semantic of this switch?

Actually I don't need SYNC, but COPY with switches /U /W. Though it will prevent from destroy source file, but leave corrupted file in destination folder with newer creation time.

I don't know that it would be an improvement.
I would suggest implement new switch for COPY command - copy if destination file has just different time than source. It seems very easy to realize.

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