SYNC crashes TCC

SYNC recently started to crashes. That is: your get that great new Windows 7 dialogue telling you that it looks for a solution on-line. Needless to

It worked before and I have no idea what different. The Command executed is:

SYNC /[!.backups ._*] /S /G /J /UF /W C:\Volumes\VERBATIM\Music C:\Users\martin.krischik\Music
Not reproducible here. Do you have a crash address?

Windows 7 “looks for a solution on line” and fails in finding one. But does not supply a mere end-user with any useful informations.

From what I see could be helpful:

  1. SYNC does not crash immediate but after about 30 sec. It might even copy or delete some files.
  2. \Volumes\VERBATIM is a junction to a USB drive. But it will crash if mounted to a drive letter as well.
  3. There are Unicode characters, including decomposed characters, in the file names.

I did delete the Mac-Folder Icons. They have a CR in there name so I thought they might be problematic. But SYNC deleted them from the destination. Which means they have been copied successfully as before.

A Windows / filesystem problem perhaps?


Staff member
May 14, 2008
Windows 7 “looks for a solution on line” and fails in finding one. But does not supply a mere end-user with any useful informations.

It will if you click on "details".

If you're running the 32-bit TCC, you will have a "tcmd.gpf" file in your TCMD.INI directory that will contain all of the crash info. If you have that, please send it to me.

Both COPY and SYNC call the Windows API to actually copy the files, so it's about 98% likely that the problem is in your filesystem. (Particularly since nobody else is experiencing the problem.)
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