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[C:\Users\csgal\OneDrive\Documents\My Files\Robb]showlib /?
SHOWLIB library_name (e.g., "Documents") ... show targets of a library

[C:\Users\csgal\OneDrive\Documents\My Files\Robb]dir /a: /b /s \*library-ms

[C:\Users\csgal\OneDrive\Documents\My Files\Robb]showlib Documents

[C:\Users\csgal\OneDrive\Documents\My Files\Robb]showlib RecordedTV
TCC: (Sys) The system cannot find the file specified.

Any thoughts if SHOWLIB should check \Users\Public\ as well as %AppData% for the relevent files?

Module:      c:\tcmd\Plugins\SysUtils64\sysutils64.dll
Name:        SYSUTILS
Author:      Vincent Fatica
Email:       moc.rr.yncwt@snigulp
Description: Various utilities
Version:     2017.328  Build 92423

[C:\Users\csgal\OneDrive\Documents\My Files\Robb]pdir /(a c dy-m-d th:m:sd ikm q r s zc fpn) "c:\tcmd\Plugins\SysUtils64\sysutils64.dll"
___A_____________  0% 2017-03-28 09:25:09.000 102110221 DA826D320E1E9D33E7CA6EC9D0BB2B3A DESKTOP-C293QAU\csgal 4E836857          132,608 C:\tcmd\Plugins\SysUtils64\sysutils64.dll
I dunno. I know little of libraries. The code for SHOWLIB was my variation on something I found with Google.

When I use EXPOLRER to see my libraries (C:\Users\vefatica\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries) I do not see the things in C:\Users\Public\Libraries. That is, Explorer doesn't show "Recorded TV" among my libraries.
Am I mistaken that \Users\Public\ is a Global user? %UserProfile% is the current user?
Well - forget libraries. How would user CSGal access user Public's files?
I have read that everyone has access to Public's files. That would make sense, given the name. Doesn't CSGal have access? As I read the perms, the group "INTERACTICVE" has quite a bit of access.

Well - forget libraries. How would user CSGal access user Public's files?
There's a PUBLIC environment variable. I'm in IT (including desktop support). Anything (mostly shortcuts) we want to appear on everyone's desktop we put in the C:\Users\Public\Desktop folder. Standard users have read access (and can't delete those shortcuts, so don't appear to be a part of the INTERACTIVE group, which isn't in the standard list of groups) and admins have write with a UAC prompt.
Good question. I've never dealt with that. On my computer, that library is empty by default, but can have folders added to it. Doing so adds entries to the RecordedTV.library-ms file, which is an XML file. The path to the actual folder is between <url></url> tags. Here's my RecordedTV.library-ms file after adding C:\Test:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<libraryDescription xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/windows/2009/library">
  <name>Recorded TV</name>
    <property name="HasModifiedLocations" type="boolean"><![CDATA[true]]></property>
In Windows Explorer, browse to C:\Users\Public\Libraries, right click the Recorded TV library and click Properties.

Btw, I'm on a different computer now and it already has a folder in that library that points to C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV. But it shows up in Windows Explorer as C:\Users\Public\Public Recorded TV because of the desktop.ini file in that folder.
@TEA-Time I did that and it went to "C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV\Sample Media" - where there is a recorded TV file. If it's not empty - why does it not show up under Libraries for my user profile?
Good question considering the Desktop folder contents do show up for everyone. Seems like an oversight that Public's libraries don't show up too. But then again, there are other folders that their contents don't show up for every user either, such as Downloads and Favorites.
I doubt it since even a standard user can edit the folder list for the Public Recorded TV library. I just don't think it's built into Windows Explorer to include Public's libraries when looking at your own.
@vefatica :

How about maybe adding /A to show all matching libraries? Sort of like WHICH /A tells all matching files for command.

/A would look into Public=user....
@vefatica :

How about maybe adding /A to show all matching libraries? Sort of like WHICH /A tells all matching files for command.

/A would look into Public=user....
I'll look into it but it might be hard. SHOWLIB relies on the environment variable APPDATA and, beyond the APPDATA differences, the path to public's RecordedTV.library-ms is very different from the path for the current user. Using /P (to get public libraries) might be easier.
@vefatica thank you very much! Feel free to post the link to :

"The code for SHOWLIB was my variation on something I found with Google." !!!
"The code for SHOWLIB was my variation on something I found with Google."
Did I say that? If I did, it's probably true. But I can't find that quote. Where is it? What do you want a link to?

When I hard-code c:\users\public\libraries, and try SHOWLIB, all I see is.

v:\> showlib recordedtv
shell:public\Recorded TV

That could be because there's nothing in that library. Does anyone know how to put a folder in that library so I can see if SHOWLIB works?

I have some libraries of my own (Documents, et c.) but I don't see them anywhere in explorer. How do I make them visible?[/code]
I'm not sure this is kosher ... but it seems like it might be the way it SHOULD be done. Here's what I did.

While in **MY** library directory, I let the MKLINK /= dialog construct the following command

c:\users\vefatica\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\libraries> MKLINK /H RecordedTV.library-ms c:\users\public\Libraries\RecordedTV.library-ms

That was a hard-link. I don't know about other kinds of links.

Now, in Explorer,


If I right-click a folder and choose "Include in Library", I can put it in RecordedTV. And I have