WAD tab navigation broken

Jan 8, 2014
The "Previous Tab" and "Next Tab" doesn't go to the previous/next tab as they are visually ordered on top of total commander (both v16 and v15). Looks like there is some trouble relating to how new tabs are inserted into internal lists when created.

To reproduce:
1. Start "Take Commander x64 v16.0".
2. Create a new tab.
3. Switch back to the initial tab by using Alt+Left.
4. Create another tab.
5. (Focus is now on the new tab, last in the list.) Try "Alt+Left" again. It will go to the first tab instead of the middle one as one would expect.
6. Hit "Alt+Left" again to select the middle tab. Then create a new tab again.
7. Walking the tabs via the Alt+Left/Right shortcuts will jump between tabs in an erratic fashion.

The issue is correct by using the mouse to switch to the first tab.

Kind Regards,
Jan 8, 2014
Hmm... A quick peek at the TC 16.0 window and its children indicates that the "Windows control" you're talking about is more likely to be a MFC class, possibly CMDIFrameWnd or a decendant of it. Since there are sources for all relevant MFC bits, I don't think this quirky behavior is something that we need to be stuck with.

Is TC perchance using WM_MDINEXT to do the tab navigation? One such message is sent from the TCMD image when I hit Alt+Right. The MFC classes (which ever is used) offers more direct ways of navigating tabs than via window messages, maybe something worth trying out...

Kind Regards,
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