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Tabbed toolbar?

How to I configure TCMD so the toolbar does not show upon startup?
View / Toolbars / Menus / Tabbed Toolbar.
That's the first think I tried. I can make the toolbar go away, but that setting is not remembered ... stop/start TCMD and the toolbar is back.
But that's not a TCMD setting; it's saved (in the registry) & restored by Windows. I don't have any control over it.
For my edification - is it a Windows requirement, or could it be theoretically be saved in the .INI file? I am not advocating any change, just curious.
It could be saved in the .INI file -- provided I didn't use the Windows control, and wrote everything from scratch.
That doesn't sound like a very good idea. But I'd like to control whether it appears at startup.
Another useful feature would be the system menu being hidden until the user presses Alt, much as it is in many Win7 Explorer windows

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