Take Command 10.0 build 60 uploaded


Staff member
May 14, 2008
I've uploaded 10.0.60 to the web and ftp sites.

(60) Added a workaround for an erratic Perl 5.10 bug
(60) Help file updates
(59) Fixed a problem with delayed loading of Perl510.dll
(58) Added check for "file:///..." syntax when parsing arguments
(58) Fixed link on Order button
(58) Added Windows 7 beta support
(58) Help and readme file updates
(57) Fixed a problem with @FILESIZE sometimes returning twice the actual file size.
(57) Changed the upgrade dialog so it refers to ALL older versions of Take Command, not just 10.0.
(56) Added a dialog to the installer to allow selecting either an upgrade (overwrite) or a side-by-side install.
(56) Fixed a problem in Take Command when defining a COMSPEC with additional arguments in Configure Take Command / Tabs.
(56) Ctrl-mouse wheel (font size change) - fixed so it doesn't also try to scroll the screen.

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