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News Take Command 13.03.47 Released

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I've uploaded Take Command 13.03.47 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 13.03.47
TCC - added a workaround for a Oniguruma / Windows bug (x64 RE's only) when doing many thousands of filename (ignore case) comparisons.

TCC - now checks for and removes UTF-8 BOMs from BAT and CMD batch files.

Build 13.03.46
TCMD - Fixed a problem with marking text in TCC windows from the keyboard (Shift-Left and Shift-Right).

TCC - the /U8 startup option will write redirected output as UTF-8.

UTF8Output=NO|yes - A new TCC .INI directive to write redirected output as UTF-8.

@LINES - dramatically improved the performance of reading from CLIP:.

Build 13.03.45
Input redirection now checks to see if the redirected input is (1) not a device, and (2) is a Unicode file. (Previously it would only read ASCII files for redirected input from files -- pipes and "here documents" always supported Unicode.)

TCC - Added a test to see if a redirected filename is single quoted, and remove the single quotes before creating or opening the file.

TCMD - added workaround for Windows bug when retrieving file sizes on DVD drives.

FREE - Added workaround for bugs in some network redirectors.

MKLINK - Fixed a sporadic problem when using the (unnecessary) "MKLINK /X directory" syntax.

SELECT - Added vertical mouse wheel support for both TCC console sessions and TCMD tab windows.

VER /R - Made a change to the registered name retrieval to (hopefully) work around a rare (non-reproducible) crash.

Build 13.03.41
@URLDECODE - Fixed compiler optimization error when reading some hex codes.

Build 13.03.40
DIR - Fixed an erratic problem with very large description files.
MOVE - Fixed a problem with MOVE a b (where a and b are directories) not moving a's description to b's subdirectory.

New framework version.
New installer version.
Help file updates.

Build 13.03.39
Fixed an erratic Windows API problem when scanning subdirectories.

Added Google Translate to web help.

Help file updates.

Build 13.03.38
MKLINK - Added support for relative path file symlinks for CMD compatibility. (For absolute paths, use /A.)

MKLINK - Added workaround for erratic API bug when the target is quoted.

Help file updates.

Russian language updates for the installer.

Build 13.03.37
Added workaround for bug in ipworks8.dll that could cause registration to fail (x64 only).

Build 13.03.36
Updated all of the Internet libraries (ip*.dll).

Updated zip library.

Updated registration (licensing) library.

New installer version.

Removed unused code & resources from TCC/LE.

Fixed a problem with redefining the "PrevArgument" key mapping.

DEL - Fix for DEL /S+n when target is not a wildcard-only name.

DIR - Fix for (rare) problem with DIR /S+n not always displaying the correct totals in the footer.

MKLINK - /D will now create a directory symlink even if the directory to link to does not exist (CMD

Build 13.02.35
The batch debugger and command input editors have been upgraded from Scintilla 2.12 to 3.02.
Performance is improved and several minor bugs have been fixed.

When using the (clumsy) CMD %~... variable syntax, TCC will not attempt to validate the filename if it is already fully qualified. (For compatibility with CMD when passing invalid drives and/or paths.)

BDEBUGGER - Added the Ctrl-F3, F3, and Shift-F3 keys (find next / find prev). (They were in the
help but had never been implemented.)

DELAY - added workaround for an erratic Windows bug with DELAY UNTIL ...

DIR - Fixed a potential problem with /S and pathnames > 260 characters.

HELP - fixed a problem with web help with capitalized command / variable / function names.

The web help has been built with a new version of the help compiler, which should fix some miscellaneous minor issues.

Added the Feedback tab to the web help pages.
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