News Take Command 14.0.32 Released

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May 14, 2008
I've uploaded Take Command 14.0 build 32 to the web site.

14.0.32 Take Command - fixed a problem when running GUI apps in TCMD tab windows.
14.0.32 ON ERROR - now turns off ON ERROR handling when in an ON ERROR handler (to prevent looping when the user creates a bad ON ERROR handler).
14.0.32 TIMER - now supports using all timers (1, 2, and 3) when using the "TIMER /n command" syntax.
14.0.32 Help file updates
14.0.31 MOVE - Fixed a problem with regular expression back references.
14.0.30 @REREPLACE - fixed a (rare) problem when using single back references.
14.0.30 Help file updates
14.0.30 New Installer build
14.0.29 Take Command - added workaround for Windows API bug when pasting text with (many) repeated characters to a tab window.
14.0.28 Take Command - fixed an (erratic) problem when pasting to a Take Command tab window.
14.0.27 TPIPE - fixed a problem when users remove the Take Command installation directory from their PATH variable.
14.0.27 Take Command - added a workaround for a Windows API bug when pasting very large clipboards to a tab window.
14.0.26 Help file updates
14.0.26 Minor installer changes
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