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May 14, 2008
I've uploaded 14.03 build 55 to the web site.

14.03.55 - Fixed a problem when qualifying filenames that sometimes caused regular expressions to be ignored.

14.03.54 IDE - Fixed a problem with toggling breakpoints.
14.03.54 TCMD - Fixed a problem with Libraries not always displaying in the List View window.
14.03.54 HELP - Fixed a problem with redirection when using the online (web) help.
14.03.54 New installer version

14.03.53 SETARRAY - fix for /R not closing the file
14.03.53 Help file updates

14.03.52 SENDHTML - Fixed a problem with the /In, /Pn, and /Sn options
14.03.52 SENDMAIL - Fixed a problem with the /In, /Pn, and /Sn options
14.03.52 New installer version
14.03.52 Help file updates

14.03.51 TPIPE - Fixed a problem with tpipe.exe being corrupted during installation.

14.03.50 TCC - Supports AFS 1.7+ for improved reparse point handling
14.03.50 BATCOMP compression is much better, and it now supports > 64K files
14.03.50 FOR - added /NJ (no junctions) option for /R
14.03.50 New IPWorks dll's
14.03.50 Help file updates
14.03.50 TCC - Fixed a problem with /A:=
14.03.50 TCC - Disabled embedded Ruby scripting support until the Ruby developers fix 1.9x embedded Ruby. (@RUBY[] still works.)
14.03.50 ZIP - Fixed a problem with /U

14.02.44 Fixed a problem with embedded []'s in filenames.

14.02.43 COPY (and MOVE) - Added support for ^C's when in the middle of a Windows copy file API call.
14.02.43 DESCRIBE - Fixed a problem when deleting NTFS descriptions.
14.02.43 MOVE - Replaced a malfunctioning Windows API that was causing problems with MOVE's with files larger than the free disk space.
14.02.43 SELECT - Fixed a problem when selecting multiple files, unselecting them all, and then pressing ENTER on a single file.

14.02.41 DO - Fixed a problem with multiple prompts with ^C in embedded DO's, with no ON BREAK handler.
14.02.41 Help file updates

14.02.40 CLIPMONITOR - Added a workaround for another Windows API bug.
14.02.40 DO - Added test workaround for a possible RTL problem with exception handling.
14.02.40 FOLDERMONITOR - Now reports *all* of the directory / file changes. (If you are monitoring a folder or tree that has thousands of changes per second, you may overwhelm your system.)
14.02.40 ON - Fixed a sporadic problem with some of the ON options not always being cleared when a batch file exits.
14.02.40 New installer version
14.02.40 Help file updates
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