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News Take Command 15.01.40 Uploaded

Discussion in 'Support' started by rconn, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. rconn

    rconn Administrator
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    May 14, 2008
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    I've uploaded 15.01.40 to the web site.

    15.01.40 DO - Fixed a hang with (invalid) /N or /T switches with no arguments

    15.01.39 Architectural changes required for XP after Microsoft removed XP support in the latest Visual Studio update.
    15.01.39 TCC - Reduced stack usage to allow more recursion
    15.01.39 FOR - Fix for sporadic problem with regular expressions
    15.01.39 Help file updates

    15.00.37 @INIREAD / @INIWRITE - Now allows embedded double quotes in the section name (but will remove leading and trailing double quotes)
    15.00.37 Help file updates

    15.00.36 TCMD and IDE - Added workaround for Microsoft bug in VS2012 Update 2 that broke XP support

    15.00.35 TCC - Added support for the (technically invalid) variables %ProgramFiles(x86)% and %CommonProgramFiles(x86)% created by x64 Windows
    15.00.34 IDE - Fixed a crash when colorizing > 260 character words

    15.00.33 Take Command - Fixed a problem with saving TCC passwords from the Take Command "Options / Configure TCC..." dialogs
    15.00.33 VIEW - Fixed a problem with misidentifying some files as UTF8
    15.00.33 @SELECT - Text searches no longer have to click on the edit control first
    15.00.33 AutoProxy=YES|no - new .INI directive to enable / disable automatic HTTP proxy detection
    15.00.33 AutoFirewall=YES|no - new .INI directive to enable / disable automatic HTTP firewall detection
    15.00.33 Help file updates

    15.00.32 Changed the Take Command Installer theme to support screen readers (JAWS) and to work around a (infrequent) Windows Installer bug with HTML dialogs
    15.00.32 OPTION - Fixed a crash when trying to delete a password field from the command line
    15.00.32 Help file updates

    15.00.31 TCC - Fixed an erratic problem when entering very long command lines

    15.00.30 TCC - minor fix for IF in multiline command groups with non-standard command separator and DupBugs=Yes

    15.00.29 @SELECT - Fixed a minor problem with SELECT_LINE starting at 0 instead of 1
    15.00.29 TPIPE - Fixed a problem with registering the COM TEXTPIPEENGINE.DLL
    15.00.29 Help file updates
    15.00.27 TCC - Fixed a problem with multiline IFF statements in command groups when DupBugs=Yes is set

    15.00.26 TPIPE - Fixed a startup error
    15.00.26 TCC - Fixed a problem with multiline aliases in command groups when DupBugs=Yes is set
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