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May 14, 2008
I've uploaded Take Command 15.01.58 to the web site.

15.01.58 FOLDERMONITOR - fixed a problem when combining /U and CREATED (which shouldn't be combined)
15.01.58 Help file updates

15.01.57 ON - fixed a sporadic bug with ON RESUME and ON SUSPEND
15.01.57 ZIP - added workaround for ipworkszip9 bug with the ZIP /F option

15.01.55 Updated GUI framework
15.01.55 Help file updates
15.01.55 Take Command - fixed a problem with the horizontal scrollbar not always being displayed when resizing a tab window < 80 columns

15.01.54 Added Windows 8.1 and Server 2012R2 support
15.01.54 Help file updates
15.01.54 Updated IPWorks dlls
15.01.54 Updated SciLexer dll
15.01.54 Updated TPIPE dll
15.01.54 BDEBUGGER - Fixed a problem with syntax coloring in the Alias and Function windows
15.01.54 FOLDERMONITOR - Added additional check for (rare?) Windows bug when closing monitoring thread on FOLDERMONITOR /C
15.01.54 Added workaround for Windows API bug when querying version in Windows 8.1

15.01.52 FOR - Added support for "tokens=*"
15.01.52 Fixed a problem with the installer sometimes defaulting to installing the x64 TCMD in "Program Files (x86)
15.01.52 COPY - Fixed a problem with RE back references on multiple target files
15.01.52 EXCEPT - Now ignores quoted ')' characters
15.01.52 SENDMAIL - Fixed a problem with the /SSL option
15.01.52 TPIPE - /Split will no longer generate an empty final file when the number of lines in the file is an exact multiple of the split lines
15.01.52 TPIPE - Fixed a problem with /Split on a character

15.01.51 OSD - Fixed a problem with /C not always closing the default window.

15.01.50 SELECT - Fixed a problem when ESC'ing from the SELECT window
15.01.49 TCMD - Fixed a problem with Windows terminating the TCMD process before it could shut down all the tab windows

15.01.48 TCMD - Fixed an x86 Windows bug when closing TCMD (TCC instances were sometimes not closed)
15.01.48 Help file updates
15.01.47 TCMD - Added workarounds for three new places that Microsoft disabled XP support.
15.01.47 Installer tweaks
15.01.47 Help file updates

15.01.43 TCMD - Fixed a sporadic problem when displaying drive names in the List View window
15.01.43 TCMD - Fixed a sporadic problem when closing the TCMD window when a IDE window is open
15.01.43 Updated internet (ipworks) dll's
15.01.43 Updated scilexer.dll
15.01.43 Help file updates

15.01.42 OSD - Fixed a problem with OSD syntax errors when ON ERROR is active
15.01.42 OSD - Fixed a Windows x86 problem with leaking memory with /C
15.01.42 OSD - Asynchronous OSD (/n) now ignores ^C / ^Break

15.01.41 Help file updates
15.01.41 Fix for VS 2012 problem with old CPUs (those lacking SSE2 instructions)

15.01.40 DO - Fixed a hang with (invalid) /N or /T switches with no arguments
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