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News Take Command 16.02.48 Released

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I've posted 16.02.48 to the web site.

16.02.48 COLOR - added support for (useless) "COLOR 00" format used by Boost
16.02.48 FOR - added support for undocumented CMD behavior with multiple lines in the FOR argument list.
16.02.48 IF - added support for undocumented CMD "IF EXIST dirname\ ..." syntax
16.02.48 MSGBOX - added support for Ctrl-Ins to copy contents to clipboard
16.02.48 %_ISFTP internal variable (IFTP SSH flag)
16.02.48 New installer version
16.02.48 Updated GUI framework
16.02.48 Updated Take Command theme dll's
16.02.48 Help file updates
16.02.48 IDE - now updates row / column on status bar with all cursor position changes
16.02.48 TCMD - fixed a Windows problem when opening a modal dialog and then switching to a new tab window
16.02.48 TCMD - fixed a Windows bug when running OPTION and then opening and closing a help window.
16.02.48 TCC - fixed a Windows bug with the TCC ANSI escape sequence ^[K
16.02.48 TCC - added support for %* expansion when followed by a trailing single quote
16.02.48 TCC - changed filename completion with "CompletePaths=Yes" set to only search the path if at the beginning of the command line
Not open for further replies.

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