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Take Command 18 x64 Install Hang

Just downloaded and ran the 18.0 x64 installation. At the end, it left a window up saying "Take Command x64 18.0 has been successfully installed", with options to View the Readme file, Run Take Command x64 18.0, or Close the window.

Can't do anything with the window. Clicking ANYWHERE on it, including the Close "X" in the top right corner or trying to drag and drop the window somewhere else on the desktop results in a bell sound and nothing more.

Can't close it from the task bar either... Was able to kill it using ProcExp...

Seems to have installed correctly; was able to run it and enter registration information.
You probably had the trial dialog pop up behind the installer window (really ancient sporadic Windows bug). If it's working now I wouldn't worry about it.
Actually, that is probably exactly what happened. I thought I clicked "Run ..." but didn't see anything change and didn't get the bell sound... The first time.

Thanks, Rex!

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