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May 14, 2008
I have uploaded Take Command 19.10.52 to the web site.

19.10.52 TCMD is using a new version of the installer
19.10.52 TCC - @FILEREAD now autodetects Unicode files
19.10.52 IDE- fixed a problem with setting fixed-width fonts
19.10.52 @LINES - fixed a sporadic problem with (very) large files
19.10.52 LIST /U - fixed a problem with rulers
19.10.52 TREEXCLUDE - fixed a problem with trailing semicolons
19.10.52 TCC - fixed sorting by descriptions

19.10.51 TCMD - fixed a problem with saving Autohide state when exiting

19.10.50 SET - fixed a problem with /T:7 (regexes)
19.10.50 TCMD - now saves on exit & restores at startup the docking position of the Explorer and Command Input windows

19.10.49 TCC - fixed a problem with regular expressions and file searching

19.10.48 TCMD - fix for SciLexer.dll problem (missing msvc dll)

19.10.47 TCMD - now saves on exit & restores at startup the AutoHide state for the Explorer and Command Input windows
19.10.47 TABCOMPLETE - now always double quotes the third argument (the argument to be expanded) when calling a tab completion routine
19.10.47 Help file updates
19.10.47 TCMD - added workaround for sporadic Microsoft library crash on exit with some themes
19.10.47 TCC - added workaround for STL bug that affected very long include lists
19.10.47 TABCOMPLETE - added a workaround for Lua's inability to parse the fourth (command line) argument when there are multiple (> 2) double quotes
19.10.47 MKLNK (obsolete & deprecated) - fixed an argument ordering problem when using the command dialog (/=)

19.10.46 Performance improvements in TCMD & TCC
19.10.46 Help file updates
19.10.46 FOLDERMONITOR - fixed an erratic problem with /E

19.10.45 @SMPOKE - fixed an erratic problem with the handle

19.10.44 TCC - fixed a problem with /O:n when preselecting files for a command like COPY
19.10.44 PDIR - fixed a problem with /S

19.10.43 Take Command 19.10 is an internal design update, with hundreds of improvements to the speed and memory usage of Take Command, TCC, and IDE.
19.10.43 The Debugger / IDE has several new themes (including VS 2015 light, dark, and blue).
19.10.43 Updated installer version
19.10.43 Updated scilexer.dll version (for the Batch Debugger / IDE and Command Input window)
19.10.43 Help file updates

19.02.38 TCC - changed the batch exit return code to match undocumented CMD behavior
19.02.38 FOLDERMONITOR - fixed a problem with /E (not matching the documentation)
19.02.38 COPY - will not return an error code if no files match when using /C, /CF, /U, and /UF
19.02.38 Language dll updates

19.02.34 TCC - updated internet support dll's
19.02.34 TPIPE - new version of textpipeengine.dll with improved performance & minor internal fixes
19.02.34 Help file updates
19.02.34 TCC - fixed a problem with tab completion when specifying directory attributes
19.02.34 TCMD - fixed formatting problems with the toolbar button dialog and non-English language dll's

19.01.31 TCMD - updated GUI framework
19.01.31 TCMD - improved support for high resolution displays
19.01.31 Updated SciLexer.dll to version 3.6.2
19.01.31 Help file updates
19.01.31 TCC - fixed problem with quoted filenames in @SHA256, @SHA384, and @SHA512

19.00.30 The installer is now code signed with both SHA1 and SHA2
19.00.30 TCC - internal performance improvements and a fix for a (rare and never reported) parsing error
19.00.30 Help file updates
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