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take command 19 not doing well under windows 10 build 14295

Hi. I just updated windows to take command 14295 and I am not getting the cursor in the correct place under take command v19. I am using a screen reader and this may have something to do with it, but I was wondering if there are any strange things going on with console apps under this build?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I didn't have any problems under 14295.

Just updated to 14316 and it seems ok as well. I installed the Linux subsystem and tried running bash inside TCMD. Seems to work sort of, but the default prompt must have ascii escape codes that cause TCMD to "ding" every time it's displayed.
YES There is a problem in Windows 10 14279 and later. Even in 14316. At start of a TCC window, I display a header like this:

Under build 14279 and later, the border is not displayed. (replaced by blanks) In addition e.g. [ALT] [2][4][0] should produce ≡ but under builds 14279 and later, it is unpredictable what it will do. This is not a problem caused by TCC, but must be a bug in Windows.

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