News Take Command 20.0.21 Uploaded

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May 14, 2008
I have uploaded 20.0.21 to the web site:

20.0.21 Help file updates
20.0.21 Fixed a problem with regular expressions not matching Windows (CR/LF) line endings
20.0.21 @FOLDERS - fixed a problem when only passing one argument
20.0.21 Added a workaround for an RTL bug when doing a DEFER from nested batch files in the batch debugger
20.0.21 TCC - tweaked the DBCS code when detecting double-wide characters on input
20.0.21 TCC - fixed a problem when running REXX files with .CMD extensions
20.0.21 INUT - fixed a problem with the /L option

20.0.20 LINKS now supports wildcards
20.0.20 @LINE - added a workaround for an RTL bug with non-Latin & non-Unicode files
20.0.20 LINKS - added a workaround for a Windows bug when retrieving links on a SUBST'd directory
20.0.18 DIR now allows combining /HL and /S
20.0.18 TCC - added workaround for PowerShell screen colors bug
20.0.17 TCC will reformat filenames with RE syntax ("::") before the path part, to before the file part
20.0.17 Help file updates
20.0.17 Added workaround for Windows bug determining character width in UTF-8
20.0.17 DIR - fixed problem with displaying compressed file sizes
20.0.16 Minor internal performance improvements
20.0.16 Help updates
20.0.15 TCTOOLBAR - added support for an optional tooltip
20.0.15 Help updates
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