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"Take Command has stopped working"

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Win10 x64 Home
TC 20.11.46

So far this morning, Take Command has stopped working on two different occasions, putting up the "Stopped working" message, then a dialog announcing it is restarting.

TC was sitting minimized with two tabs, each tab running Powershell.
There is no tab running tcc.

Any ideas on how to figure out what is causing TC to stop?
Thanks --
90%+ of the time, it's due to a third-party dll being injected into Take Command. Those are the hardest to track down; you have to try stopping them one at a time and see if the problem stops.

If it is a crash in Take Command, you will have a file called "c:\programdata\JP Software\Take Command 21\TCMD.exception.log" that has the crash info. If you find that file, please send it to [email protected].

If it is a crash in a Windows dll, you may or may not get the TCMD.exception.log file or a Windows exception dialog.
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