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Take Command / TCC 10.0 build 68 uploaded


Staff member
I've uploaded 10.0.68 to the web and ftp sites.

Take Command 10.00 build 68:

* Added a workaround for a Windows 7 bug when starting TCMD and TCC

* Fixed a problem with Here-string redirection

* Fixed an erratic problem with the return values from @SERVICES

Take Command 10.00 build 67:

* Fixed a Windows API bug that sometimes caused ^Break to exit TCMD

* Fixed a compatibility problem with some console apps not receiving ^C

* Fixed a problem with filename completion from the path crashing if you have an extremely large number of matching files

* French language updates

Take Command 10.00 build 64:

* The binary functions now support hex values (with a leading 0x) for their offset and length values

* RD /S - fixed a problem with quoted directory names

Take Command 10.00 build 63:

* Fixed a problem with Shift and non-alpha keys

Take Command 10.00 build 62:

* Fixed a problem with Shift and non-alpha keys

* Fixed a problem with popup window sizing when the height in TCMD.INI is < 1 line

* RD /S - changed to match (undocumented) CMD behavior in Vista (if the directory is a link, remove the link rather than deleting the contents of the directory)

* Help file updates

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