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Take Command / TCC/LE 13.01.29 Uploaded

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I've uploaded 13.01.29 to the web and ftp sites.

We have discontinued selling Take Command/LE with the 13.01 release. We sent out free upgrades this morning to the full version of Take Command 13.01 to all registered Take Command/LE 13.0 users. If you didn't receive your upgrade (we had a couple of bounces from email servers), please let us know and we'll resend it.

Build 13.01.29

Take Command/LE has been discontinued. Everyone with a Take Command/LE 13.0 license will receive a free update to the full Take Command version.

The search algorithm for the popup windows has changed slightly. TCC will append a * to the search string unless the last character of the string is a wildcard (?, *, or ]), or if the search string is a regular expression (the first two characters of the string are ::).

WebHelp=yes|NO - New TCMD.INI directive (set in the Take Command and the TCC configuration dialogs). If set, Take Command and TCC will use the web help at Take Command / TCC Help v. 13.01 instead of the local help. The web help has some additional features, including the ability to add comments to help topics.

MKLINK - The /X option no longer requires two arguments.

The help file (tcmd.chm) and the web help (Take Command / TCC Help v. 13.01) have a new look and new display options.

Help file updates.

Build 13.0.28

VIEW (and V Toolbar VIEW) - Fixed a problem with the /S: (search) command line option not highlighting the text.

Help file updates.

Build 13.0.27

TCMD - Fixed a problem with not stripping the leading Unicode BOM when loading a file to the Command Input window.

TAR - Fixed a problem with multiple files and /G.

Help file updates.

Build 13.0.26

VIEW - Fixed a problem with multiple filenames.

Build 13.0.25

@LINE / @LINES - Fixed a problem with empty files not returning -1.

DO - fixed a problem with the /A:... option.
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