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News Take Command / TCC / TCC-RT 21.01.47

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I have uploaded 21.01.47 to the web site.

21.01.47 SET - added support for CMD bug when enclosing SET command in double quotes
21.01.47 Added support for CMD bug when using variable substitution with %
21.01.47 @EVAL - added overflow check for lcm()

21.01.46 BDEBUGGER / IDE - the "CMD Syntax" option now maximizes CMD compatibility & disables TCC-only internal commands, variables, and functions
21.01.46 BDEBUGGER / IDE - The Options menu has a new entry "Font" to select the font type and size to use in the IDE windows
21.01.46 IDE - Added tooltips to all menu entries
21.01.46 Many minor optimizations
21.01.46 Updated Scintilla editor
21.01.46 New TCMD.INI directive ANSIWin10=YES|no (in the [4NT] section). If set to NO, TCC will use its internal ANSI instead of the Windows 10 console ANSI support.
21.01.46 Help file updates, including a much expanded IDE / batch debugger section
21.01.46 SENDMAIL - fixed a problem with parsing and removing /X
21.01.46 ENDLOCAL - fixed a sporadic memory leak.
21.01.46 TCC - added workaround for Tomcat batch file bug

21.0.38 New installer version
21.0.38 Help file updates
21.0.38 TCMD - workaround for Windows 10 Creators Update API bug when displaying some extended ASCII characters

21.0.37 Help file updates
21.0.37 Debugger - fixed problem when closing the edit window while debugging
21.0.37 Debugger - fixed a problem reading a saved copy of the environment or batch parameters list

21.0.36 FOR - added compatibility kludge for undocumented CMD behavior with !var! variables

21.0.34 TCMD - removed debug output
21.0.34 Installer update

21.0.33 German language updates
21.0.33 TCMD - additional menu & toolbar icons
21.0.33 EVERYTHING - updated to 1.4.877
21.0.33 Onigmo regular expression library update
21.0.33 Help file updates
21.0.33 IF - minor change to match (erroneous) CMD.EXE behavior with multiple commands in nested IF statements
21.0.33 START - added minor kludge for HPE Fortify batch file error
Not open for further replies.
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