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News Take Command, TCC, TCC-RT, and CMDebug v22 Released

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We released Take Command, TCC, TCC-RT, and CMDebug 22.0 today, and you can download a fully functional evaluation version from our web site at:


See What’s New in Version 22.0 in the help for details on the changes and new features.

Take Command 22.0 - What's New?

Take Command 22 is primarily a UI update, with hundreds of improvements to make Take Command, TCC, and the IDE / Batch Debugger easier to use. But we haven't neglected new features, including:
  1. We added library functions to TCC. Library function syntax is similar to batch files, but they're loaded into RAM and called as if they are internal commands. This allows very fast common subroutines, or a powerful multi-line alias capability.
  2. Tab completion has been improved with new options that allow you to specify what files / aliases / variables / functions to match based on the argument number or a specified leading switch.
  3. Many of the internal commands now have a default tab completion syntax defined. For example, the ALIAS command will look for aliases, the CD command will look for directories, and SET will look for environment variables.
  4. TCC has two new internal commands (SETP and UNSETP) that allow you to read and set environment variables in other processes.
  5. We removed the nesting limitation for batch files (and library functions). The only limit now is your RAM.
  6. We also removed the limits in @EVAL (and the functions and commands that call it). You can work on numbers up to 2 billion digits (if you're got the RAM!).
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