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Take Command / TCMD/LE / TCC/LE 11.0 build 34 uploaded


Staff member
I've uploaded build 34 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 34:

Fixed a problem with running encrypted batch files.

TCMD - fixed a minor problem with defining and then deleting startup

IFTP - fixed a problem with subsequent IFTPs setting the current directory
and filename from the previous IFTP.

Minor help updates.

Build 33:

TCMD - fixed a problem with Refresh redrawing the Folders view even
when the Folders and List View are disabled.

Fixed a problem with small popup history windows sometimes displaying
a blank line at the end.

Fixed a problem with the history matching occasionally hanging for a
few seconds when no (more) matches are found.

LIST - fixed a problem with /U occasionally overwriting a character or
two on the next line.

OPTION - fixed a problem when writing FirewallType and/or FirewallPort.

Build 32:
Memory allocation (and thus overall performance) is slightly faster.

ALIAS & FUNCTION - fixed an x64 problem when replacing an existing value.

BEEP - now supported in TCC x64 (using DirectSound).

UNZIP - fixed a problem with UNZIP displaying a relative path even when you don't specify /D when unzipping a .ZIP file with subdirectories.

ZIP - fixed a typo that was disabling the /Q(uiet) option.

NoINIErrors=yes|NO - new TCMD.INI directive to disable displaying (subsequent) parsing errors. (Note that there is a separate NoINIErrors for the [TakeCommand] and the [4NT] sections.

Fixed a minor problem with popup windows clipping the last pixel of descenders for some fonts.

TCMD - If you try to create a new folder in the List View context menu and you do not have access rights, TCMD will now display an error popup. (Previously it ignored the attempt and didn't display anything.)

Minor help updates.

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