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Take Command / TCMD/LE / TCC/LE 11.0 build 41 uploaded


Staff member
I've uploaded build 41 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 41:
ASSOC / FTYPE - fixed a harmless (Windows) non-error message when attempting to delete a nonexistent entry.

DIRHISTORY / HISTORY - fixed a problem with reading Unicode files.

Added a check for redirected Unicode input through CON: (due to an inexplicable sudden urge by several users to attempt this).

Minor help updates.

Build 40:
@CRC32, @MD5 - fixed a crash if you specified 'f' or 's' and didn't include
the required argument. (Note that both these functions are seriously obsolete; you should be using the SHA functions!)

SENDMAIL - fix for a third-party dll bug that broke multiple /H arguments.

TYPE / HEAD / TAIL - added a check for redirecting Unicode input through CON:.

Minor help file updates.

Build 39:
Fix for a bad third-party dll (ipworksssh8.dll).

Build 38:
BDEBUGGER / IDE - fixed a problem with file access violations when restarting debugging a .BAT or .CMD file.

Minor help updates.

Build 37:
BDEBUGGER - fixed a new framework problem with not saving & restoring the fnt size at startup.

BDEBUGGER - now remembers the MRU file list between sessions.

BDEBUGGER - fixed the help button in the Watch pane toolbar.
MKDIR - fixed a problem with creating directories as compressed when starting TCC with the (usually unnecessary) /X option.

TCC/LE - added check for potential parsing problems when the user attempts to use (unsupported) internet URL names, and fails to quote them.

Build 35:
TCMD - updated the framework library to fix some obscure Windows 7 display problems.

TCMD - fixed a display problem when selecting Refresh with the Folders view set to AutoHide.

TCMD - fixed a (sporadic) problem when selecting the "Configure TCC" menu entry when the TCMD.INI file has errors.

TCMD - fixed a problem when renaming a toolbar tab (it would lose its buttons until you saved & reloaded it).

TCC - will now set the output color at startup. (Note that this will not
change the default background color for the entire window, just for the
text being written.)

TCC - fixed a (very old) problem with doing a ">clip:" to empty the clipboard pseudo-device and then trying to append ("dir >> clip:).

FFIND - added the /H option to not search binary files. By default, this
includes .exe, .sys, .dll, .zip, and .chm. You can define your own list
by setting the "BINARY_FILES" environment variable. For example, to ignore .exe, .sys, and .dll files:

LIST - will now automatically resize itself when you change the TCC or
TCMD window size.

LIST - disabled the /C option when running in a TCMD tab window.

TASKLIST /L - fixed a Windows bug in x64.

%_PPID - fixed a Windows bug in x64.

Minor help file updates.

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