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Take Command / TCMD/LE / TCC/LE 12.10.58 Uploaded


Staff member
I've uploaded build 58 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 12.10.58

DIR / PDIR - Fixed an erratic crash when reading very large description files.

FFIND / LIST - Fixed a (long-standing but rare) edge condition when loading very large files.

Build 12.10.57

TCMD - minor change to hopefully improve the default http proxy reliability.

Added missing Italian language dll to TCMD/LE and TCC/LE.

BDEBUGGER - Fixed a minor problem with the watch window not deleting values when deleting variable names.

CANCEL - Fixed a sporadic problem when CANCEL'ing inside an IFF.

DELAY - Added support for delays up to 585 million years (requires Vista or later).

DIR/PDIR - Fixed a rare edge condition crash when reading descriptions.

DIR/PDIR - Fixed a sporadic problem with displaying filenames when reading descriptions.

Build 12.10.56

TCMD - Fixed an erratic hang when updating the folder view.

TCMD - Updated the framework library to fix some display glitches with the VS 2010 theme.

TCMD will now copy descriptions from DESCRIPT.ION when dragging & dropping in the Folders and List View windows.

Fixed some Windows Installer problems with non-English installation

Added Italian language support to Take Command, Take Command/LE, TCC, and TCC/LE.

Take Command and Take Command/LE now have a Visual Studio 2010
theme option.

Take Command and Take Command/LE now support renaming directories in the Folder View.

Conditional tests (DO, FOR, IF, IFF) have two new tests:
string =~ expression Returns 1 if the string matches the regular expression
string !~ expression Returns 1 if the string does not match the regular expression

HTTP operations will now try to autodetect and use the system proxy settings, if available.

FTP / FTPS / SFTP operations will now try to autodetect and use the system firewall settings, if available.

New versions of all the Ipworks dlls.

New version of the framework library.

Help file updates.

BDEBUGGER - Fixed a problem when CALL'ing another batch file (the second batch file was not being displayed).

BDEBUGGER - Fixed a problem with tabify.

BDEBUGGER - added conditional breakpoints to the debugger, and a new Breakpoints window that shows the line number, count, and conditions.

CD / CDD - a ~ will now switch to the %HOME% directory (if defined).

DIR - Fixed a rare problem with DIR /Z and large description files.

GZIP - Fixed a (3rd party dll) bug when compressing with lzw.

LIST - Fixed a problem with empty Unicode files.

UNTAR - Fixed a (3rd party dll) bug with /D and a target directory.

UNZIP - Fixed a (3rd party dll) bug with /D and a target directory.
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